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This ketubah, a form of Jewish wedding contract, because of the amount of text, shows best  ordered in a larger size than the other art prints. Price listed is for the matted 11" by 14" version. It is also available as a 16"by 20"outside matted version. Email me for price if interested.

Below is the text:
" Now may there be heard the voices of Joy and Gladness, the voice of the bride and bridegroom, the jubilant voices of those joined under the  (marriage canopy) Huppah. With all sincerity, they declare to each other:

Set me as a seal upon thy heart, Beloved, as a seal upon thine arm; Know that I am my beloved's and that my beloved is mine.

The groom's section reads: In the presence of their loved ones, family and friends, the groom declares to his beloved bride: Be my wife for you are very precious to me . With this ring I place on your finger, be consecrated to me now and for my life. I will cherish, honor and respect you, support and sustain you, and treat you with love and devotion in accordance with the Laws and traditions of Moses and the Jewish  people. I will provide for you materially with food, shelter, clothing and other necessities as well as be a good and loving husband to you and a good father for our children if we are so blessed. I accept the responsibilities placed upon me by this Ketubah with gladness.

The bride's section reads: The bride, in turn, her heart filled with love, declares to her beloved groom: With joy, I enter into this marriage with you for you are a treasure to me. I am ready to be by your side, and to do my part to make ours a loving, caring marriage. I want to join with you in making a Jewish home for ourselves, a place of love,peace and harmony. I want to be your best friend, and your loving wife. I will love, honor, respect, support and sustain you in times of joy and in times of trouble. I will be with you, hand in hand, to create a loving home for our children if we are so blessed. It is with this degree of love and commitment that I accept this ring you place on my finger in honor of our marriage.

May the love that has united us on this joyous occasion grow and flourish like the date palms of ancient Israel. Together we have declared that we have entered into the Holy Covenant of Marriage out of Love for each other , and of our own free will with the best of intentions on this   day of the Hebrew month  of           in the year      corresponding to the      day of the month  of    in the year    .

This Ketubah, properly prepared, signed and witnessed, becomes legally binding and in effect for the Hattan (bridegroom) and the Kallah (bride) on this wedding day. Representing the community, and in the presence of the Lord, we, the witnesses, attest that everything is valid and correct. The Hebrew at the bottom reads"I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine""


Weddings 5:

Ketubah with Red


Ketubah with Yellow Flowers

 (Same text as Above)