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If you would like to buy a gift certificate for a loved one or a special person, you can email me, transmit the money through Paypal, or personal check to me, and then I can notify that person of your gift.

I invite you to look at my art prints, specifically designed for those in love. Love rules the world, and just like the grass, it comes and goes throughout life. We love ourselves, our families, our friends, and often many others. 

Love comes in a broader sense as well, without necessarily being romantic love. There are many types of love in this world. The first part of this category will have artworks for  different kinds of love while the last part will be focused on marriage and wedding artworks.

Blessings can be very special: for a gift for someone special or for someone's home. Sometimes in the act of giving,  the gesture plus the art, itself,  helps someone who might need just a little bit more confidence to continue on the right path for themselves. It is a gift that lasts and keeps on giving in the eyes of the recipient, as they remember you for you kindness and thoughtfulness through the years. 

Angels have been around for a long, long time. Sometimes we see an angel in someone we know directly, and sometimes we have to call out to some who are invisible to us. Some see angels as messengers, come to help us on Earth.

If something touches your heart, please let me know, and I will be happy to work with you to select the images or images that speak to you.

Giving someone such a personal gift will be extra special and something that they will remember; they will  feel connected with you for many many years. Often people give checks or money towards online store registries, but none of these have the personal touch. Give them a gift that they can cherish. . And give them a blessing that they deserve.